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Optsensor participate in the 20th international exhibition

 On March 19-22, 2015, our company in xi 'an qujiang international exhibition center B1 hall 2015 20th international equipment manufacturing industry exhibition in the west of China.  According to this exhibition, our company mainly to show the transformer “Winding Hot Spot” temperature sensors, fluorescence-based optical fiber temperature sensor for cables and ring main units, handheld-type fluorescence-based fiber optical monitors, fluorescence-based fiber optical monitoring system for medical microwaving, and LumaProber series fluorescence-based fiber optical probes.etc, series of new products. Fluorescence-based fiber optical temperature measuring system is different from the infrared, wireless, thermocouple temperature measurement method, it has corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, electromagnetic immunity, probe small size, long life, high precision, good stability and compatibility features, applicable to electric power, petroleum, coal, and scientific research institutes, medical treatment, microwave, etc. During the exhibition all the new technology of fluorescence optical fiber temperature sensor temperature showed a keen interest in the way, the visitors an endless stream.