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Optsensor transformer winding hot spot temperature break abr

 Optsensor,the first domestic developed fiber transformer winding hot spot temperature controller, and start to mass production, 20 sets of products have been successfully applied in shenyang to dandong 220 kv substation along the high iron, more than 10 years of the technology and products to break the foreign monopoly. In 2014 Optsensor cooperated with WuHan south,access to the national grid 《Fluorescence  based fiber optical moniting system for "Winding Hot Spot"of transformers technology research, have independent subject project and now are being pushed towards the standardization.

 Although for many leadership and customer support and recognition,But Optsensor is to realize the process of from 0 to 1, and from 1 to 100,it is still a long way in searching for the truth.