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Smart temperature measurement of the main building of Chines

 Congratulating smart temperature measurement of the main building of Chinese Academy of Science is totally started on August 1, 2015.

The main building of Chinese Academy of Science use Optsensor's series optical fiber temperature measurement technology this time, measure the temperature of the winding hot spot of transformer directly, can guarantee the safe operation of transformer, prolong the service life of the transformer, improve the economic benefits of the transformer. At the same time measuring the switchgears temperature, the very important electrical equipment, within contains moving and fixed contacts—and busbar joint sare always under high voltage stress. Because of oxidation, corrosion, loosening of bolts, and aging, surface resistance at contact points and joints increases. This causes the temperature to rise at contact points and joints, and leads to overheating. Thus, the increase in the amount of surface resistance corrodes installation and shortens the equipment's operational lifespan. HQ-28 Fluorescence-Based Temperature Monitoring System conducts real-time monitoring to accurately measure temperature readings at switchgear contact points and cable joints, which makes for ideal maintenance atunmanned substations. Predictive maintenance: Proactive maintenance system sounds pre-warning alarms toalter of potential problems before they happen, Accurate temperature readings: Probes detect unseen temperatures beyond the surface area, Low cost monitoring: Computerized operations precisely locate abnormal temperature readings to give inspectors a clear idea of where repairs are needed, which saves time, Avoid potential safety hazard and accidents: Provides effective protection for production.

Optsensor's fluorescence optical fiber temperature measurement technology is the most mature in China, the application case of the most high-tech enterprises, this technology has reached the world's leading, the core index for Chinese intelligent electrical equipment measurement laid the localization in the true sense. The domestic application of fluorescence optical fiber temperature measuring instrument, the realization of transformer winding hot spot temperature and switchgear direct measurement is a kind of inevitable trend in the future.

As is known to all, power transformer, as one of the important electrical equipment in power system, to maintain their normal operation is the basic guarantee of the system and reliable power supply. In recent years, with the development of our economy and the improvement of people's living standard, the rapid growth of electricity demand, the development of power system towards extra high pressure large capacity of the transformer fault rate also will increase, according to related statistics, more than 110 kv transformer the average accident rate of over 0.69%. Because of overload operation, especially in recent years, the transformer transformer winding insulation aging and breakdown, burning accidents accounted for more than 75% of the accident rate. Optsensor series temperature measurement to solve the problem of temperature measurement of long plagued the customer provides the optimal solution, all domestic customer engineering case is and its photoelectric years technology precipitation and accumulation of the classic, the company has won the Chinese academy of sciences, lenovo investment and domestic top investment Banks and a number of comprehensive intelligence + capital support, and the photoelectric photoelectric industry market batman has walked on the set of high and new technology, technology, capital promote innovative advanced equipment manufacturing. In 2014, Optsensor strategic cooperation has been formed with state grid formally, promote the popularization of domestic intelligent temperature measurement products.