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Central Doctor Service Group comes to Shaanxi to visit Optse

 On August 28, 2015, accompanied by  Manpeng, the Chinese academy of sciences personnel department director, Central Doctor Service Group came to Shaanxi to visit Optsensor, and learn more about Optsensor commercialization and industrialization of scientific research achievements obtained in the wake of major scientific and technological breakthroughs. Our CEO communicated with all scholars and specialists about the latest development of Optsensor fiber transformer winding hot spot temperature controllers, and shared high technology entrepreneurship.

Since its founding in 2011 , Optsensor aimed to reach national major industry requirements, adhere to  independent innovation, continuously explore and develop applications, obtain the guidance of leaders from all levels of society, and recieve full affirmation of the national industry. Under the care and guidance of people from all walks of life, Optsensor will become the world leader in the optical fiber sensor and high-end photoelectric measuring instruments and equipment.