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CAS holding company CEO Wulebin visit Optsensor

 On September 15, 2015 in the afternoon, under the guidance of Xi'an institute of Opticas and Precision Mechanics of CAS's header Zhaowei, Enterprise party secretary of Chinese academy of sciences, CAS holdings chairman Wu Lebin visit Optsensor. Optsensor's CEO Zhangwensong introduce company's core technology was introduced in detail, product and market application, and in the next few years the company's development plan to the leaders. Optsensor's transformer winding fiber can effectively ensure the safe operation of the transformer temperature controller products, prolong the service life of the transformer, and can improve the transformer load of 10%, similar products in the United States, Germany, Australia, India and Indonesia and other countries have become the standard application level, and in our country at present the penetration rate of less than one percent,future with the improving of the industrialization of Optsensor ability, establish national standards, the product realization level standard application in our country will become the inevitable trend.CEO wulebin said he would support Optsensor promote industrialization ability, and from the national level to help Optsensor promote the establishment and application of standards.