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Optsensor Participates in China’s 3rd Technology Exhibition


Since assisting China’s military industry development, Optsensor was invited to present its product series at China’s third technology exhibition. The products on exhibit received a high degree of interest from all types of attendees, with good reviews across the board from both domestic and overseas parties, being named by exhibit representatives as Optsensor’s “magic weapons.” Overseas product orders were made on the spot after seeing how Optsensor’s temperature monitors took measurements in many types of environments, and thus demonstrating China’s progress in high-end manufacturing.


Also attending the conference were honored guests and leaders in domestic affairs: Zhang Jianguo, Xu Zhanbin, Ma Zhankui, Pan Yinxi, Lai Wenyuan, Zhan Yuanming, Nie Xiaofu; Sichuan Province leaders Wu Jingping, Liu Jiaguo, Li Xiangzhi, Liu Jie, Chen Fang;  consuls and consulate generals from Germany, Korea, Israel, Thailand, Italy, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, America, Singapore, and other countries with consulates stationed in Chengdu, Chongqing, and Kunming; as well as French, Italian, Dutch, Israeli and Russian representatives from specialist organizations. Amiens, France and Nymburk, Czech Republic also won the Sichuan Friendship prize and the Mianzhou Foreign Friendship Prize. From China, honored guests belonging to the Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Education Bureau, Ministry of Civil Affairs, Commerce Department, National Health Planning Commission, along with the National Bank of China, SASAC, the Customs General Administration, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the State Intellectual Property Office, the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, the National Association of Industry and Commerce, the Military Science Academy, the Central Military Enterprise, national autonomous innovation zones, state-level high-tech areas, universities, research institutions, investment and financing institutions, Fortune 500 companies and other famous firms came to the exhibition. Other invited guests include representatives from various municipalities across Sichuan, supervising officials directly related to the provincial government, as well as representatives from overseas areas in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and both domestic and foreign media groups.