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State Grid NANRI Group Chief Information Specialist Yu Gang

On March 16, 2016, the leadership of state power NANRI Group visited Optsensor. Among the leadership, Chief Information Expert Yu Gang, Ministry of Science and Technology Vice Minister Zhang Yan, and five others were present. Optsensor’s general manager, Zhang Wen Song showed the group the capabilities of Optsensor’s Fiber Optic Transformer Winding Temperature Control Device, optical fiber transmission beam and other high-tech products, including a full description of their application to the national power grid. NANRI Group and Optsensor are part of the state grid’s 2014 technology project "The Research of Fluorescence-based Fiber Optic Sensor Technology for Transformer Winding Temperature Measurement Systems.” Through a combined effort, the two sides will strengthen cooperation, and promote fluorescence-based fiber optic temperature sensor technology for transformer winding for use in the national power grid.

Optsensor is one of two major brands of fiber optic temperature control instruments for transformer winding. This series of fiber optic temperature measurement products is used in 25 provinces and countries in Europe, Africa and other countries.